About Me


Burçak Başkan

“Make it happen”. Those were the words i was greeted with as i stepped into the company that would later become today’s Teknosa chain stores.

Looking back over the past twenty years of my professional life, i realize those words describe, most accurately, the essense of what “work” has meant for me: To create, to make what was not, to leave things better and more advanced than i found them.

This small section of the internet is devoted to chronicaling my steps through life. It has started, as all such things do, with a formal record of my past and will continue growing with the thoughts and experience that has guided me till today and step forward with all the new that i will get the opportunity to “make happen”.

I began my professional life in 1992 at the Koç Group in Mako Elektrik where I had the opportunity to work closely with sales, production planning, IT. Later at Beko, a place I still call home, I managed the TV product line, took a leading role in the business processes redesign and finally had an opportunity to put my MBA thesis on strategy formulation to real life use. Later I was asked to be part of the team that introduced the Sharp brand electronics products in Turkey, a task that later found me as part of the core team that launched the very successful Teknosa chain. I also had the opportunity to attend the very impressive Radioshack University on store management and was proud to be the business unit manager of the Radioshack business in Turkey. Continuing on to UPS gave me practical experience on operations management and the opportunity to command a much larger workforce.

In 2006 I became an entrepreneur, partnering with a friend to setup an online retailer, alisveris.com. While I have since sold my shares and moved on back to professional life, I’m still proud of my creation and the site is still running successfully. When asked to help bring about a major change management project, I joined Karland to help redesign its business processes, refine the new strategy and launch a new retailing operation.

Family health problems  have occupied my last three years during which i tried to stay active with consulting work, advising on marketing and pricing strategies, reorganize costs and processes. With most of the health problems now buried in the past, i’m looking forward to the next opportunity where i’ll be able to help “make things happen”.


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